How to play no-limit Hold’em when you are out of position ?

Table position is crucial when playing no-limit hold ’em poker. Playing in position refers to being the last player to take action in each betting round. You get to see everyone’s activity on the table. It provides you with critical information on how you will play different hands. However, it is the complete opposite when […]

Poker Terms & Slang that you need to know

Ever wonder about the meaning of that poker terms when you are in a game ? Here are some basics and most common poker terms that play a big part of the game. Besides the terms listed,  there are thousands of common and uncommon poker terms and slangs. However, the terms below is the one […]

Top 50 Poker Motivational Quotes and Phrases [ INSPIRING ]

Top 50 Poker Motivational Inspiring Quotes you should know Poker player definitely need some motivation quotes to help you when you are downswing. Here are top 50 poker motivational quotes and phrases that could motivate you in your poker career. Enjoy! 1. “ Fold and live to fold again”. – Stu Ungar 2. “Just play […]

Top 3 Malaysia Best Online Poker Sites- UPoker, XPoker, PokerBros, PPPoker

Top 3 Online Poker Sites in Malaysia. Introduction If you are looking for the top 3 Malaysia best online poker sites , We are your ultimate guide as we providing various online poker platform for your selection, in this industry for a long time and we offer lucrative deals as well. Online poker is becoming […]

X-Poker apps Review: Traffic, Blind, apps feature, club

Introduction X-Poker is a new mobile apps just released recently in late 2020. It was created by Malaysia organization, FunnyGames, which has a place with the biggest Dutch Media holding company. X-Poker use cutting edge technology to ensure players from all over the world can compete on a fair and secure platform. We will talk […]

What is Set Mining in Poker? 3 tips on Set Mining

  What is Set Mining ? Set mining is a poker term used when you call a raise in preflop with a small or medium pocket pair (22,33,44…..TT) with the hope of hitting a set (three of a kind) on the flop and win a big pot. When you should Set Mining? Set Mining is […]

Top 3 Poker Apps : PokerBros, UPoker, PPPoker?

Which Poker apps is the best? Top 3: PokerBros, UPoker, PPPoker ?   If you have play online poker, you definitely will come across 3 of these poker applications. It is rising its popularity among poker agent and poker player. They have very similar features yet unique in its own way. You can download this […]